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The Grade 8 Computer Elective -
This class focuses on graphics design and publishing. Our emphasis is on creating and transforming graphics, text and other components that appear on web pages and printed material. Students will create original graphic images with several different programs including computer-imaging software. Digital cameras, scanners, and the Internet are also used in the students’ projects.
Students maintain a portfolio folder on our in-school network (intranet), where they save their computer generated projects. Samples of the students' work are displayed on their wiki pages here also as a form of an electronic portfolio.

Useful Links

M M M M M M M Podcast Creation using Audacity.......Our Class Blog .......Free Websites ...Edline

WIKI Student Pages Customization

Each student will customize your own wiki page. Wiki etiquette will be in place at all times. Refer to Wiki Rules and Wiki Contract for the details. We will be self-regulating our class wiki for appropriateness. Wiki web pages will contain items from class projects as well as additional items that are chosen to further customize your wiki page. Each page should have a welcome message and/or explanation of what your page is about as well as items from the list of assignments below. Students will be graded according to the wiki rubric-2009.doc.


IMAGE Editing and Desktop Publishing:-)
  • Logo creation
  • Tessellations
  • Portrait Project
  • Advertisement for a magazine with a slogan and pictures
  • News-breaking story and picture

  • Basic painting
  • Using Effects
  • Using Cloning
  • Tells a Story
  • PowerPoint showcasing animations

  • Moviemaker to display pictures and/or animations


  • podcast created with Audacity
  • widgets
  • add items to show your creativity:
  • -comix strip
  • -embedded video
  • -customized animated titles
  • -additional wiki page

Discussion Area:-)
  • Write to students in our class, the student to your left and the student to your right.
  • Tell them something positive about their work displayed on their wiki, or the way they participate in class, etc. Every student will then receive two compliments from our class.
  • Click on the Discussion tab on their page to post your comments to them.